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About Us | Astro Green Farm

About Astro Green Farm

Our Mission

The mission of Astro Green Farm is the eco-sustainable production of microgreens in a PURE growing environment.  When we say “PURE growing environment” what we mean is this: Astro Green Farm is completely soil free, pesticide free, fertilizer free, GMO free farm. We are free from the toxic plastic grow trays used in traditional microgreen production and free from the chlorine, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants found in the water used by many microgreen growers.  At Astro Green Farm we use only food safe plastic and triple filtered, pure water to grow our microgreens. The result is a stable supply of the most healthy, flavorful and nutrient dense greens available, grown with a tiny carbon footprint and no negative impact on the environment.

How We Got Our Name

As you may already know, Astro Green Farm produces microgreens using new and innovative techniques. But did you know that microgreens are being grown on the International Space Station using the same technology? Well as it turns out, microgreens are an ideal functional food for Space Life Support Systems for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that they use very little resources and can provide a nutrient dense dietary intake for space travelers with minimal resupply from the Earth.  So we are proud to say that we are growing our microgreens the same way the astronauts are doing it. And that’s where our name comes from: “Astro Green Farm – Grown Pure for a Taste that’s Out of this World.”